Our plumbing services

Domestic and Commercial
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Our plumbers can carry out all types of drainage and storm water installations and repairs. Being in the Gold Coast our climate means we are experts in clearing drains.
All your blocked sewer problems will be immediately solved when you call Express Plumbing & Gas Services.

We use fault finding cameras to find the source of the problem be it tree roots or blockages of foreign materials.

Then we use our new trailer-mounted jet rodder to clear the blockage. This is an economical high pressure water jetting system designed to clear drains and storm water pipes.
The machine is equipped with a range of nozzles which allow our plumbers to perform a wide variety of sewer and storm water pipe maintenance operations.


Our plumbers employ only the latest technology.

Our fault finding cameras quickly pinpoint the source of blockages and other underground problems.

Mini-cameras locate the cause of problems in inaccessible areas. These include problems behind walls and down holes. This saves our time and your money.


Gas Connections – We will connect your new gas oven to either natural gas or bottled gas. We can provide advice to help you select your gas oven.
We also connect outdoor gas barbeques.
We install new gas lines and extend current lines to your home or business.
Gas Leaks – Don’t try to find a leak yourself! Call Express Plumbing & Gas Services as we are experienced gas safety experts.

Gas Hot Water Systems -We install gas hot water systems so you can have continuous gas heated hot water for a more environmentally friendly house.

Gas Heating – We give advice on the best gas heaters, install new gas heaters,
find gas leaks and repair gas heating lines.

Hot water systems

Don’t be caught out by a defunct hot water system. Call us immediately! We can provide you with an emergency 24 hour hot water system.

We install Electrical, Gas and Solar hot water systems and hold a restricted electrical license so there is no need for you to have to pay extra to an electrician on disconnecting jobs.
We carry a full range of systems in our vans.
We can show you the hot water systems with the best warranties and our work is guaranteed.
We also provide maintenance of your hot water system so you can extend its working life.

Solar hot water

Isn’t it time you went green by reducing your carbon footprint? With electricity bills on the Gold Coast sky rocketing, we recommend you consult us for information on installing solar hot water. You can save up to 70% off your hot water electricity bill and receive government rebates.
We are fully endorsed Solar mechanicians and can help you fill out your paperwork to receive your government rebate entitlement.
We stock accredited and reputable Cooney & Edson solar hot water systems for use in domestic and commercial settings.
We install your system and keep it fully maintained (if required) so you get the best value from your solar hot water system.

Solar installations

Express Plumbing’s environmental division, ‘Allways Environmental’ can show you how you can slash your power bills and make money by putting electricity back into the grid by installing solar energy. We supply the latest solar systems and are happy to discuss these with you on 1 300 650 068.

We know the statutory requirements and can help you with government rebates. As part of our service we fill in the forms and make sure you claim for a full rebate.


Make your old roofs as good as new! We do metal roof repairs and tiles Repointing. We use only top quality, water proof, pointing mixtures that are flexible enough to withstand movement caused by weather extremes.
Metal roofs installed and repaired. It a tree or branch damages your roof, call us immediately.
Make sure your gutters and downpipes are free of debris. This is essential to prevent damage to your roof, prevent a fire hazard and to extend the life of your roof. Call us for an appraisal. We will install, replace or repair your gutters and downpipes.

Rubble drains

We construct and install rubble drains. Our rubble drains are guaranteed.


We are licensed welders and do gas and arc welding as required.
We do pipe fitting and fabrication work.
Mechanical pipe installations (Petro Chem accredited)


We are accredited and endorsed to install Mixing Valves.

Back flow

We are accredited and endorsed to do device testing.